Why We Are Better

Not only are our prices better, our products are too:

  • Our Montessori products comply with ASTM F963-07 (Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety) and EN71 (European Standard on Safety of Toys), including, but not limited to, testing for heavy metals (including lead paint).
  • Infant: We have redesigned almost every product in this section with proper sizes, such as bigger handles and knobs.
  • Pink Tower, Broad Stairs, Red Rods, Numerical Rods, Blue Solids, and many more of our products are made of beech wood to enhance their durability and weight.
  • All movable letters and numbers are 5mm thick and laser cut for enhanced durability and accuracy.
  • All dressing frames: the cloth is affixed to two wooden poles on either side of the dressing frame. Only two screws need to be loosened to remove the cloth for easy cleaning and parts replacement.
  • Unlike other vendors who sell bead materials made from recycled materials, our bead materials are all made of original copper and plastic, which are non-toxic and durable.
  • Our new laser-cut puzzle maps provide more accuracy, and work better with control maps.